Obtaining a Work Permit

Work permits serve as a guideline for Gas Malaysia Distribution Sdn Bhd to supervise or monitor any third party activity. All third party works and activities within the vicinity of our facilities, require authorisation by means of a work permit. It is issued on a day-to-day basis, taking into consideration the location as well as the activity executed.

Who Needs To Apply

You need to apply for a work permit if your construction work:

  • Is within 2 meters of a gas installation.
  • Involves pipe jacking work and is within 3 meters of our gas facilities.
  • Involves welding or other work that generates enough heat to spark or ignite a flame.
  • Uses a mobile crane swinging a load over our gas facilities.

Where To Apply

Work permits should be obtained from the nearest branch office of the intended activity area before commencing excavation or construction work.

The Process