Pipeline Safety Measures

Gas Malaysia Distribution Sdn Bhd lays emphasis on safety measures. We have implemented comprehensive safety features during the engineering stage of our pipeline installations, which includes the following:

Protection Against Over-Pressure

  • We combine pressure regulators, slam-shut safety valves and pressure relief valves to protect against the occurrence of over-pressure.

Protection Against Corrosion

  • Double protection against corrosion for steel gas pipes consisting of a combination of pipeline coating and a cathodic protection system.

Isolation Valves For All Gas Pipes

  • Gas pipes have isolation valves placed at strategic locations for easy isolation in the event of an emergency.

Natural Gas Is Odorised

  • Natural gas is odorised for early detection of gas leaks.

Gas Pipe Warning Facilities

  • You may find Gas Malaysia Distribution Sdn Bhd markings in the form of above ground warning fixtures such as stone markers and signboards to notify on the presence of pipelines underground.

Daily Patrolling

  • Daily patrolling are carried out along the pipeline route to complement periodical comprehensive maintenance.

24-hour Operations Control Centre

  • Our Operations Control Centre (OCC) operates 24-hours. It handles emergency calls and communicates directly with our emergency response team.

Gas Facilities Information

  • Our Geographical Information Systems (GIS) provides information on our gas facilities.

Immediate Action On Irregular Pressure

  • The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system alerts on any pressure irregularities to enable early detection of abnormal pressure.

Supervision of Third Party Excavation Activity

  • Our representatives supervise all third party works that are located within close proximity of our pipelines.