24-hours Operations Control Centre

We are committed to ensure steady gas delivery to homes and businesses.

Our Operations Control Centre is set-up to closely monitor the gas distribution system 24-hours a day all throughout the year. Among its main functions and initiatives include:

  • To provide 24-hours communications access and ensure effective and prompt response.
  • To activate appropriate response plan during an emergency.
  • To monitor the gas distribution network through real time gas monitoring system such as Supervisory Control and Data Requisition (SCADA) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to safeguard the reliability, safety and integrity of our Natural Gas Distribution System (NGDS).
  • To respond to enquiries regarding NGDS in relation to third-party activities.

Our 24-hours emergency hotline number (1-800-88-9119) further simplifies the process for our customers and offtakers to get in touch with us in the event of an emergency.